Sunday, December 19, 2010

2011? So soon?

I cant believe its 19th December already!! And 2011 just around the corner :)

Anyway, remember my post about Vienna?   Not going to happen...


I'm not sad because:

                                                     I'm going to Krakow!!!!!!

Now the only problem is the fact that it is -15C there right now and that I might lose a couple of fingers on the way , but hey I get to go to Krakow :))))

In the men time I'm working on this :

- Pancreas is a gland organ of digestive and endocrine system
- it produces hormones glucagon and insulin
- parts : caput pancreatis
             processus uncinatus

- it lies in the epigastrium and left hypochondrium areas of the abdomen
- bursa omentalis divides it from the stomach

                                                       Interesting right?Hm... not so much...

Also made these yesterday

nom nom nom     

Okay they didnt look this good but you get the picture ;)

Happy Sunday!

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  1. You didn't lose any fingers...and it was damn awesome! :D